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Super Yacht – XL8140 | AWordPressSite
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Super Yacht – XL8140

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Product Specifications

Min. Height Requirement 36″ Unit Height: 28 ft
No. of Blowers: 6 Unit Length: 77 ft
Blower Size: 1.5 hp Unit Width: 18 ft
Warranty: 24 Months Unit Weight: 6pcs for total of 3090 lbs

Super Yacht – XL8140 is an incredible inflatable showcasing one of our most innovative designs. It features a nautical theme, making you feel as if you’re on a real yacht! Entrance from the front of the yacht leads to a challenging and fun rock climb. Once players have conquered the rock climb they are now inside the second floor of the tower, and they have two options: to climb up to the third floor of the tower or to go through the crow’s nest. At the third floor of the tower you are now about 20’ high, and you can enjoy a cool lounge area displaying 360 degree views of your surroundings. In the lounge area, you can install wireless speakers so you can kick back and enjoy your favorite music on Super Yacht! You can also decorate this area with beautiful lights to really make it stand out. From the third floor you can look down to see the rock climb. The rock climb is one of two inflatables that you can put in the insertion area of Super Yacht. The rock climb can be removed and replaced with a trampoline and airbag system where players can jump on the bouncy trampoline onto the safe and soft airbag system. Going back to the second floor, players can slide down the two parallel slides that can be used both wet & dry. Once they have slid down the thrilling slide they will reach the jet skis at the bottom, which really make Super Yacht extraordinary. Next to the slides is a climbing staircase that leads back up to the slides so players can go down the slides all they want without going back to the entrance of the yacht. Super Yacht is made out of highly durable 18 ounce vinyl. It is finished with a coating for easy cleaning. Super Yacht is composed of 6 pieces for easy assembly and disassembly. The pieces are as follows: 2 Hulls (e/ 645 lbs), 1 tower (845 lbs), 1 rock climb (495 lbs), air bag (350 lbs), and an inflatable stand for the trampoline (110 lbs). Dimensions of the entire unit: L: 77’ W: 18’ H: 28’

Additional information

Weight 3546 kg


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