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16′ Wet and Dry Slide – Ocean Theme – WS4113 | AWordPressSite

16′ Wet and Dry Slide – Ocean Theme – WS4113

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Product Specifications

Min. Height Requirement 36″ Unit Height: 16 ft
No. of Blowers: 1 Unit Length: 25 ft
Blower Size: 1 hp Unit Width: 11 ft
Warranty: 24 Months Unit Weight: 360 lbs

All of our Wet and Dry Slides feature landing zones with curved stop walls. This half-pipe inspired design gives the rider a new experience as they come to a gradual stop after sliding up the back wall. Designed with safety and year round fun in mind, you”ll want at least one Wet and Dry in your fleet.

Additional information

Weight 480 kg


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